​Camnexus- IoT© for Remote Sites

End-to-end wireless network for smart remote operations

The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to grow significantly, as consumers, businesses and governments recognise the benefit of connecting inert devices among them and to the internet. The amount of IoT connected devices is expected to reach the 25 billion by 20251 (triplicating the current number). IoT supports the smart transformation by enabling industries to become more efficient and competitive.

The increase in sensors and connected devices requires both connectivity and data processing. Wi-Fi and mobile networks (e.g. 3G/4G) are both traditional communication solutions, proven and widely developed, but they present challenges in a scenario of increased sensors deployment, especially in remote locations, such as rural communities, as well as mining, oil & gas and forestry sites. The limitations involve high scalability costs, low distance range coverage and high energy consumption (decreasing battery life and autonomy of sensors).
Camnexus-IoT© appears as a solution for dedicated IoT networks, which allows long-distance communication, with low power consumption and a low infrastructure cost. Camnexus-IoT© stands out as a concrete solution to carry out successful industrial deployments of IoT, particularly in remote operating sites.

Camnexus-IoT© is a highly secure wireless technology to create low-power, long-range networks for industrial operations for the Internet of Things.

Technical Features

  • Proprietary gateway / concentrator Kubo900© IP68, 250 terminal equipment per concentrator.
  • Frequency of operation 915 MHz or 868 MHz in unlicensed band, ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical).
  • Reach in flat terrain up to 15Km per concentrator, typical operating distance 10Km.
  • Low power consumption compared to WiFi and GSM technologies.
  • Secure communication, encryption algorithm AES-128.
  • Maximum transmission speed 50Kbps per terminal equipment.

Responding to your needs:

Camnexus© counts with the expertise of more than 30 years in ICT.  

  • We develop and integrate sensoring solutions to clients in industries (mining, oil & gas, forestry and agri-food), and municipalities. We can support clients either in implementing new infrastructure or improving their current equipment and network.
  • For sensors developers and system integrators: we offer our expertise to improve their solutions by integrating Camnexus-IoT© as telecommunication backbone.