Industrial Internet of Things and Digital Transformation

By enhancing decision making capabilities and reducing production costs, Industrial IoT (IIoT) becomes an opportunity for industries to differentiate and to be competitive. This is the case of metal and mining sector (in 2019, the Global Metals & Mining Industry is forecasted to have a value of $2,753.6 Billion), in which IoT is expected to become the standard in mining industry. Globally, 69% of the mining companies are looking at remote monitoring and 29% at unmanned drones to improve their operations monitoring and productivity. Developing countries share around 60% of global production. 2/3 of global production is mined in countries with unreliable energy supply or limited telecommunication infrastructure (World Mining Data 2018).
With one intelligent network infrastructure, you can improve operations. Increase safety and security and gain valuable data insight to streamline automation.

The IoT helps connect physical and digital environments. Data collected from connected devices provides the raw material for businesses to gain insights and respond rapidly to change.

We are creating the first industrial telecommunication solution based on LoRaWAN technology, especially designed to support sensors data communication in remote operational sites, for both developed and developing regions: Camnexus-IoT. The innovation is based on a long-range & low-power consumption telecom protocol, allowing sensors' autonomy for 1 year; heavy duty operations hardware design; and versatile data processing in stand-alone or cloud options. The telecommunication solution will be particularly suitable for remote industrial sites, especially mining, oil & gas, agri-tech and forestry. You can find more information here.